Is this the best all in one golf club on the market?

Introducing Urquhart (Pronounced Urr-kit)

At Golfify, we love things which make golf easier, and more fun. We’ve all been in a situation where we want to go for a quick game, but all our stuff is buried in the garage, or for those of us living in cities, just carrying your golf stuff makes getting around difficult. Well, now there might be an ideal solution for these two scenarios, and more.



Urquhart is a brand new 11 in one golf club pioneered by New Zealand native Simon Moore. The club features a sleek hybrid shape, with a chrome finish and black cavity back.  It can function as a ‘Stinger’ 11 degree one iron,  right through to lob wedge and of course putter. It comes in 3 iron length and you can select an extra long grip to give you more options as you grip down.



I have got to say, I am fascinated by the concept. Whilst this club is not compliant with the rules of golf at the moment, and it is never going to replace my beautiful Mizuno Mp-20s, I can see this club filling a completely different set of use cases. It opens up the potential to cycle, or take public transport with your club. It could be used for casual evening games, or even for a quick range session, where the actual club you are using isn’t important, but you just want to work on some swing dynamics.   Heck, if this takes off, maybe we will see a completely new style of golf take hold, and we all start wearing bum bags to store our tees, balls and beers.


Anyway, before I get carried away, the proof of this product will be in the pudding. There are a lot of questions we don’t know the answers to until we have it in our hands.  I am intrigued to see how the club adjusts the lie angle depending on which loft is selected, and I am also looking forward to seeing how much distance I can get out of the 1 iron stinger.


While the golfing powers that be might not like it yet, we certainly do, and there is nothing to stop Urqhart owners coming together on Golfify and arranging competitions. In the meantime, we wish the team at Urquhart the best of luck with production, and look forward to seeing the end product later this year.


FYI: Urquhart have just launched on kickstarter, and are hoping to ship the first batch in July 2022. 


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