Benefits of Live Scoring for Your Golf Tournament

Benefits of Live Scoring for Your Golf Tournament

Why we believe every event should have live scoring.

As someone who organises golf events, you might have wondered about live scoring and the benefits it could bring. Here are 6 benefits of introducing live scoring to your event.

  1. Players Know Where They Stand An obvious starting point, but important. With realtime scoring and leaderboards, all your players will know where they stand on the leaderboard. Need to birdie the last hole to make the play off? Need to avoid bogey to beat your mate? It is all there on the leaderboard. Imagine watching golf on TV without knowing how the other players on the course were doing until the end. It would be insanity. Your players will love knowing where they stand, and it will add a lot of excitement to your event.

  2. Reduce Cheating Unfortunately on occasion there are golfers who deliberately try to enter false scores. It happens, and at the moment, it is brushed under the carpet as no big deal. Introducing live scoring is a great way to make your event more transparent. When everyone, including the players in the groupings in front and behind can see your scores, and where you hit the ball, entering bogus scores, or simply updating your scores late on will undoubtedly raise suspicions among fellow players.

  3. No More Scorecard Admin Having the scores streaming in realtime means you don’t need to spend time sorting scorecards in the clubhouse after the round. Which means quicker turnarounds for the presentation and more time for drinks and socialising.

  4. More Stats Live scoring can deliver realtime statistics that are simply not possible to generate when you use paper scorecards. Who played the par 3s the best? Who had the most pars a row? All this data can now be at your fingertips. You can even use it to create more prizes categories.

  5. Spectators Can Enjoy Your Event Too Using Golfify, you can share a link to your event with anyone. This means you can actually have fans and spectators watching the action unfold. This is great if you have a following on social media, or maybe some players who can’t play in the event. Keep them engaged and with Golfify, they can even interact on the competition feed if you allow it.

  6. No More Human Error Computers are designed to perform calculations over and over again, returning the expected result every time. Humans… not so much. Scorecards get messy and it becomes easy to miss a point here or there. Throw in the handicaps, Stroke Indexes and teams, the whole thing can become a nightmare for inexperienced golfers. With live scoring, you just need to enter the right score on the right hole, the computer will do the rest!

Final Word So there you have it. 6 powerful benefits live scoring can bring to your events. To enjoy all of these benefits, and more, download Golfify today and create your first event in seconds.