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Frequently Asked Questions

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Which game formats does Golfify support?

Golfify supports Strokeplay, Stableford, Customised Stableford, and Matchplay scoring formats. You can also run these formats simultaneously if desired.

Does Golfify support pairs or team competitions?

Yes, Golfify supports Alternate shot, Scramble, Greensomes, Pinehurst/Chapman, and Better Ball team modes. For Better Ball competitions, you can also specify the scores to count. By default, better ball competitions have an individual leaderboard too, so you can host two competitions in one.

Does Golfify support skins?

Yes. You can add skins to any event in the leaderboard settings. You can also determine whether or not skins carry over.

Can you host a multi-round Ryder Cup style tournament?

Yes. This is one of the most popular formats on Golfify. You can even customize team logos and colors. Check out this video to see how you can set it up in the app.

Does Golfify allow extra contests, such as Closest the Pin or Long Drive?

Yes. You can add special contests to any hole in your event. These will get their own dedicated leaderboard in your event. You can choose between timed entry, where the last entry added will be the winner, or a measured entry which allows the player to input a value.

Do players also need a Golfify subscription to join events?

No. Subscriptions and passes are only required by the organizer of an event, depending on the number of players.

Does every player in a competition need to use Golfify?

No. You can add players manually in the Competition Player Manager. They will still appear in the competition as per normal. You can add their email when you create them so they can recover their account if they do decide to use the app in the future. We recommend a minimum of one player per grouping to have access to the app for the best 'Live' experience. However, as the host, you can add scores for each grouping in the player manager, so in the event a grouping has no active users, you can still add scores.

Can you combine multiple rounds into one leaderboard?

Yes. Combine up to 40 rounds in one leaderboard. Check out the examples to find out more.

Does Golfify work with the new World Handicap System?

Yes, you only need to update your handicap index on the app. The app will then generate each player's handicap for the day based on the USGA formula if you are outside the UK and Ireland, otherwise, the Golf England formula is used. If the course rating or slope rating is not available, default values will be used. You can also use the Raw Handicaps method, which is useful if you do not want the handicap to adjust at each course.

Can I maintain a handicap through Golfify?

Not at the moment. Ultimately there is a prohibitive cost to enable this. If your handicap has changed, you will need to update it before starting a new round. The competition host can also override it.

Does Golfify support 9-hole courses?

Yes. In fact, you can customize the holes you play in any order using the Hole Selector in the host settings. If you score as a single grouping, Golfify will automatically adjust your scorecard for any holes not played.