• Your Golf Events. Realtime.

  • Play Anywhere

    With over 42,000 courses worldwide and multiple game modes to choose from. Organising a competition has never been so easy.

    Invite Players In One Tap

    Getting your players into your event is easy. Share a magic link, or invite by email. You can also add players who cannot use the app!

    Tee Sheet Management On The Fly

    Seamlessly edit your groupings and manage handicaps, anytime, anywhere.

    Lightning Fast Cloud Scoring

    Backed by Google Cloud Infrastructure, input scores and watch the leaderboard and statistics update instantly, where ever you are in the world.

    Your Event Deserves a Place In History

    Make your event special. Most people forget competitions days after they played them, by hosting on Golfify players and hosts can re-visit previous rounds and events, bringing back memories.

    Gather the Troops

    Create a group for all your golfing friends. Post rounds and invite every member to your next event in one simple tap.

    Squad Goals...Compete as Groups

    Compete as your group in any format and toggle between the leaderboards.

    Live Competition Feed

    A live chat feed for everyone in the event, complete with optional automated scoring alerts for extra excitement.

  • Golfify 4.0

    Take a quick look at our latest release in action.


  • What a great app, have used lot's of others previously but this is by far simplest and most effective! I use it for our client golf days and it adds so much value to the round.

    Jamie Savory - Advanced PGA Professional

    Tee Box London

    "The app has changed the way we play society golf for the better. The live leaderboard brings an extra dimension to the game and adds lots of excitement. Great app."

    Joe Geraghty - United Kingdom

    "Genuinely loved the app. I've used 4 or 5 different ones and this is better! I would definitely pay for it. So good for a little group of mates or society. Look forward to seeing what is next."

    Matt Watts - United Kingdom

    "Fantastic app, has certainly made social golf more enjoyable. Being able to monitor other people’s scores as you play is an excellent tool. Easy to set up and easy to use. Would certainly recommend.”

    Joel Duncan - United Kingdom

  • Who is Golfify for?

    One app, all your rounds.

    The Individual

    Create, Share, Play.


    Golfify makes it easy to score all your rounds, whether you play alone, or with friends. Take advantage of our realtime scorecard to record and share scores on the fly, with more great features coming soon.


    Groups & Societies

    Organising Competitions just got easy.


    Golfify brings competition management to a new level, without the fees. The platform gives hosts the ability to fully manage competitions and activities from managing tee times, competitors, pairings, handicaps, scores and statistics.

    Charity Days & Corporate

    Save Time and Increase Player Enjoyment


    Save countless hours of organising and expense by using Golfify for your next Corporate or Charity golf day. Not only is Golfify up to $4000 dollars cheaper than alternatives, our cloud technology is backed by Google's Cloud Infrastructure, meaning you can rely on industry leading performance.

  • Pricing

    Simple fair pricing based on the number of players in your events. Including a generous free tier with all features unlocked so you can try the app with friends and small groups totally free. All subscriptions allow you to create unlimited events and only the organiser needs a subscription, all players play for free, period. 



    Up to 8 players



    • Unlimited events
    • All features unlocked 
    • On Demand Support 


    9 - 16 players


    • Unlimited events
    • All features unlocked 
    • On Demand Support 


    17 - 32 players


    • Unlimited events
    • All features unlocked 
    • On Demand Support 

    Most Popular For Organisers


    33 - 64 players


    • Unlimited events
    • All features unlocked 
    • On Demand Support 
    • On the day live support via Whatsapp 


    Unlimited players


    • Unlimited events
    • All features unlocked 
    • On Demand Support 
    • On the day live support via Whatsapp 
  • See it in action

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