Reviews of Golfify Tournament Software

We are proud of Golfify, but don't just take our word for it. Discover why our users love and trust our tournament management software and why they continue to use our product. These reviews are taken from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


Great app and super helpful developer!

Jamesgd2903 - Mar 27, 2024 - United Kingdom

We use Golfify for all of our events, leagues and trips and it’s a great app for all of these. The live leaderboards and variety of competitions you can create and track are top notch. Would recommend the subscription version as one of your team can manage it and adds real value for the cost.


Great App

Premkumar M82 - Mar 21, 2024 - Singapore

Very helpful for small organisers to monitor live scoring of players from different flights. Great fun with leaderboard and updates from the team. Definitely a must for all golfing friends.


The perfect Ryder cup trip app

Trubizzle - Mar 18, 2024 - United States

The love scoring and easy to use interface made our Ryder cup weekend so amazing. With 16 guys, it gave us live leaderboards. Seeing the last pairings come down the 18th and we were able to know where we stood in the comp was so cool. Can’t wait to use it more.


Great app to organize your own leaderboards

Steph Tessede - Mar 18, 2024 - Australia

I was going on a golf trip with a few friends and came across this app as I was trying to create our own leaderboard for our week. The application is very useful and allows you to share scores, tee times, etc for each day or overall. Takes a bit to get use to some features and there is definitely a learning curve but I got there eventually. The support team is very responsive anyway and answered my requests in a timely manner. I do recommend this app if you want to make your own competitions look great.


Super App für private Golfturniere

AnWa27 - Mar 11, 2024 - Germany

Wir haben unseren Golf-Urlaub/Turnier über die App geregelt und ein mehrtägiges Turnier mit verschiedenen Plötzen abgehalten. Einer der Plätze hat in der App gefehlt, James hat ihn dann auf Anfrage innerhalb weniger Tage hinzugefügt. Super Service! Die App hat uns ermöglich mit mehreren Flights zu spielen und immer Live die Ergebnisse zu sehen. Klare Empfehlung für jeden, der mit seiner Gruppe ein eigenes Turnier spielen möchte.


Multi-round tournaments and great support!

Ruben Hoch - Mar 9, 2024 - Germany

This app was the perfect companion for our golf vacation where we played multiple rounds! Creating a multi-round tournament and keeping track with an online scoreboard really enhanced our golfing experience. A big shoutout to the support team for quickly adding a new golf course to the app when we needed it. Thanks a lot!


A fantastic app for any group or tournament.

The Borrego Open - Mar 4, 2024 - United States

This a longer review but it’s details like this I would love to know to ensure this app is the right fit…and compared to other golf tournament apps, Golfify checks every box for our group. Our group holds five events per year, ranging in size from 20 to 60 golfers and ranging in age from 19 to 94. This is our group’s first year using an electronic scorecard. In the interest of saving time to declare winners and/or have a playoff, ensure the accuracy of tallied scores, and create an interactive leaderboard, it was time to evolve from the paper scorecards. There is always some natural hesitancy within a group our size but it’s been well-received by all. The key selling points for us in choosing Golfify were: Handicaps – Our tournament uses a slightly modified handicapping system and Golfify allows us to use customized handicaps with ease Scorekeeping – With no shortage of old guys playing in our rounds, not all of them are willing to download an app and log their own scores. If we have ten foursomes, we invite the ten scorekeepers to the Golfify event, they accept, we place them in their appropriate grouping, and they enter scores for each golfer in their group Multiple-Day Tournaments – We hold our large two-day tournament in April each year and Golfify makes it easy to set up. Their leaderboard can track multiple-day events with ease Golf Courses – An extensive list of courses…even our little Par 3 course out in Borrego Springs is on the app. Side Games – Depending on the event, we can have 4 or 18 closest to the pins going in a single round (Par 3 Tournament). Golfify makes it easy to track who’s KP held up and who’s going into the clubhouse disappointed. Price – Can’t beat it for 60 golfers. The setup for that many golfers can take some time but for the time/errors we save on the backend during tournament play, it’s worth every penny for our group. Support – I’ve shared feedback and been able to ask questions to James, who listens, provides best practices, and informs us of what improvements he and his engineers are working on. I wish…I wish this had a browser-based version, if for nothing else than the setup. A prolonged setup would be easier on a laptop vs phone but I can live without it. If you can’t tell from the description, this is a great app and certainly one I would recommend to anyone looking to adopt an electronic scorecard for their group and/or tournament, both big and small.


Great free App for small groups of golfers

Keith Ridley - Feb 28, 2024 -

Great free App for small groups of golfers who want to have a live leaderboard during golf competitions. We used it for a recent trip to Portugal and 3 rounds of golf. As long as you check the scorecard with the course details before you play its fun to use. Highly recommended!


Much Less Work and More Fun

dogstarz - Mar 1, 2024 - Australia

Since using Golfify it has been so much less effort and work to organise our social golf group’s monthly games. So good that everyone can chill and watch the last groups come in rather than have to spend time tallying score cards. Also having live scores made the day way more fun with banter between groups knowing how others were going. Thanks the team at Gofify for making things easier and more fun!


Excellent App

Johan Heyneke - Dec 25, 2023 -

Excellent App. Used it a lot and nothing to complain about.


Fantastic app

Moe Norman Invitational - Nov 27, 2023 - Australia

Golfify is a sensation. I just coordinated scoring for a 2 round annual golf event with team better ball & individual comp for 16 players, 3 of whom didn’t have an offical handicap. Golfify worked perfectly and allowed me to get on the beers after each round without plugging numbers into a spreadsheet for an hour. Group super excited with live leaderboard. Support during the setup was exceptional. Recommended it without hesitation.


Up your tour game with golfify

Pkgolf23 - Nov 13, 2023 - Australia

James and his team have delivered on what all golf tourists have wanted forever. Golf tour competition management in an app that anyone can understand. It’s such a great addition to any golf trip. Scoring, banter, punting - it gets everyone engaged and adds a new dimension to any golf trip.


The perfect app for hosting a golf day

The Appy Spurs - Nov 3, 2023 - United Kingdom

Golfify app was perfect to host our golf day, it enabled us to setup a Ryder cup style event where we could all see a live feed of how each 4 ball was progressing to build suspense and make the day even more fun and competitive! James was brilliant he did a f2f meeting to go over capabilities of the app prior to purchasing and there was no obligation to purchase the app afterwards. He also offered advise on how best to setup the competition throughout! Highly recommend this app for any golf events


Update Issue

Rob Larkin - Oct 11, 2023 -

Telling me to update but won't let me update


2 Day tourney with manual handicaps

DonBub99 - Oct 6, 2023 - United States

Leaderboard view gave us insight to scores during the round. Worked great. Had to make a few adjustments post round with human errors but once I figured out how to make those adjustments .. all good.



Mick Gannon - Oct 5, 2023 -



Perfect app for hosting your golf events

B1LL80808080 - Sep 21, 2023 - United Kingdom

I recently hosted a 16 player ryder cup style event in Spain. The app allowed a multi-day event to run, where all players could get involved inputting scores and checking the live leaderboard to see which players were up/down as the round went on. This added excitement to my event, and all 16 agreed the app was excellent. The features the app allows ensure you can set up any event exactly how you’d like, with bespoke grouping/team settings to have a personal logos etc. The staff for the app allow video calls to help explain / set up events if you have questions. I’ll definitely be using Golfify again in the near future.


Guys trip must have!

macbellovich - Sep 15, 2023 - United States

This app is amazing and continually getting better! I used it for our golf trip to many courses and it worked amazing. The UI is a little confusing at first, but after messing about for a few minutes, it all made sense. We will for sure be using it for future trips!!


Great app for our ladies society

Gemma andrews - Aug 31, 2023 -

This has been a great app for our ladies society. James is super helpful and the app is easy to use. Highly recommend


Best tourney app!

Mbmbusalacchi - Aug 15, 2023 - United States

Perfect for a team competition that has multiple formats and courses. Great service for help also. Definitely recommend!!


Great App, Better Support

Pat In Chicago - Aug 12, 2023 - United States

The app is really strong and in the 6 months I’ve used it continues to improve. The customer service is off the charts good. I used to use a more expensive, clunkier, more rigid tool for scoring my golf trip. Golfify is better priced, easier to use, and will work directly with you to give you a great experience. I can’t recommend it enough.


Query about score marking

J D (JDCov87) - Aug 3, 2023 -

Good but is it possible for players to mark someone else's score and not their own?


Great app with many modes to host tournaments

Rowan Jelley - Aug 1, 2023 -

Great app with many modes to host tournaments. 👏


Great for our annual event

Good Lenhart - Aug 1, 2023 - United States

I recently used Golfify for an annual event with 16 friends. I was able to set up 4 rounds ahead of the event with 4 different types of games. It allowed every player to see their groups, tee times, course, and results. It was a ton of fun and saved us a lot of time collecting and compiling scorecards at the end of each day so we could settle bets. My only constructive criticism was that it required us to download the data for each round to calculate skins. After providing feedback to Golfify they took time to personally respond and let me know the next version will also calculate skins on the app! We’ll definitely be using this app every year!


First event complete

Tdlight2020 - Aug 1, 2023 - United States

Super intuitive app for running golf events. Easy to get people registered. Easy to set tournament structure. Easy to track scoring. Live feed is awesome. Submit several ideas to creator for improvements/enhancements and they responded quickly with supportive comments.


Great time saver for our social group

beastboinine - Aug 1, 2023 - Australia

Our social group has been around for a few decades and has relied on a few members to do a lot of work in there own time. This App has helped these people enjoy the game and the social aspect by automating the scoring. James has been very much on the front foot welcoming feed back to help improve the usability.


Great app that will only grow

Pope0123 - Jun 16, 2023 - United Kingdom

Finding a live leaderboard app that actually works can be tricky, thankfully golfiify has solved this! It’s still new and you can tell changes will be coming, but it works great. It does rely on users updating scorecards when they play at courses, but the app updates these really quick. If I’ve ever had an issue, the support team have also been super quick to respond. A great app that will only get better over time


Brilliant App!

Big Souls - Jun 2, 2023 - United Kingdom

I love this app. So clear and easy to use - much better than anything on the market. If you’re playing society or larger group golf - get this app!



JS94SA - May 31, 2023 - United Kingdom

Great app- the flexibility offered is second time none. Bit of a learning curve to understand all the functionality and which format works best for the round/ tournament, but great once you’ve spent some time playing around. Looking forward to seeing the developments to come!


Works well for golf trips

Simon Gill - May 26, 2023 -

Worked really well on our recent trip with 16 golfers playing 3 rounds, giving up to date leaderboard information. A link to England golf to automatically update handicaps. The facility to update the app to reflect the scorecard yardage, par and stroke index is great and vital for app to work! Always check app matches the card.


Golf app for PGA and LIV style events

Adakdrewski - May 10, 2023 - Canada

This app worked great in real time while playing with 2 separate tee times. Live scoring for individual and team with handicaps for gross and net scoring. Worked just like we wanted. Create your groups first, sub groups as well, then create your event, add your groups and you will have a blast.


Highly effective for large golf societies

The Swan Inn Hanley Swan - May 5, 2023 -

Just started using this app for our 40 player society. So far I can't rate it highly enough. Everything works as it should and it really does add to the day with the live feeds and live leaderboard. Also had to speak to them regarding a couple of questions and their reply and the way they dealt with it was not only highly professional but was within 30 mins. What more could you ask for. If you play in a society or friends that involve more than one tee I urge you to try won't regret it.


The only app to use for Live Scoring

Springfield Golf - May 2, 2023 - United Kingdom

5* all day long. Absolutely top class app. The beauty of Golfify is in its simplicity. Very user friendly and incredibly easy to see what’s going on with the leaderboard etc. The new updates make it better and better. Highly recommend and will be using every time we host a tournament or competitive round with mates.


Great app!

Matt Gyves - May 2, 2023 -

Great app!


Best app around

wtyduefhstg - May 2, 2023 - United Kingdom

I’ve used this app at multiple events now and yet to run in to any problems. Very easy to use and does all the work for you. The developer was very helpful in answering any questions, would highly recommend!


Competition app.

Jed Howorth - May 2, 2023 - United Kingdom

Used this app for the 1st this weekend on a 36 hole competition. It was very easy to use and had loads of stats for the competition as well as live leaderboard. Would recommend the app for anyone running a competition.


Great app

Testy87 - May 2, 2023 - United Kingdom

Used it this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed being able to see live scores. Keeping your eye out of a friend playing in a different group. Easy to use and would recommend to anyone planning Golf days.


5 Star App

OllieBBurn - May 2, 2023 - United Kingdom

I’ve used this app for quite a few golf events now, and it’s miles ahead of any other apps I’ve tried before. So easy to use and the features are great


Great for societies

Matt Precey - Apr 25, 2023 - United Kingdom

We used this app for our golf society last year and have subscribed to it this year. It’s great having real time scoring and definitely adds to the day. We’ve used it both in the UK and abroad and have yet to play a course it doesn’t cover. Any issues, eg updates to stroke indices, are replied to very quickly. Would definitely recommend.


Great for Societies

Peter Behan - Apr 17, 2023 -

Great for Societies. I used the app for an end of year event last December. Everyone loved it so I subscribed to the app this year to use it for my monthly society outings and a few team events I run each year. The one-off monthly events have been great so far. The Golfify team have been very quick to respond to any questions I've had around running team events. Can't rate the app highly enough. Peter


Great App

Derfort - Apr 2, 2023 - Ireland

Work very well. Is there anything the can be done if the courses indexes on the app do not match the course card? Also it would be great if there was a pick up option when you have picked the ball up when not scoring on a hole. Otherwise excellent.


Made our golf trip

Dave Connellan - Mar 31, 2023 - Ireland

We used the app for a 6 person golf trip.I won’t lie and say that it has actually made our trip. We used it for a 3 round event. Customer service was top class from James. Any queries were responding to within the hour. It managed the format and live scoring perfectly. Really easy to set up and manage for a person leading the group. Couldn’t recommend this highly enough.


Best app on the market for golf groups & events

Matt Horsman - Mar 21, 2023 - United Kingdom

Used this app multiple times now and had a great experience both times. Much better than the alternatives and sounds like they’re improving features all the time after listening to customers. Couldn’t recommend them highly enough.


Outstanding app

MP672926 - Mar 17, 2023 - United Kingdom

Absolutely brilliant app to track live scoring during a golf event. We used the stableford system so it saves all the discussions around how many shots per hole and tallying up. Suggestions: - ability to change image for event


Excellent App, Even better after purchase support.

ElZeco - Mar 8, 2023 - United States

Used to organize a group event, had questions and was skeptical to email the support address listed in the app as you never know how long a response may take. Wow! Could not be more pleased with how FAST AND RESPONSIVE the Golfify team were to answer my questions. 10/10 do not hesitate to organize your event with Golfify, they stand behind their product and want you to have a successful experience with it!


Highly Enjoyable for Group Play

Robert Baker - Feb 1, 2023 -

I've been using this app for about 6 months I'm really enjoying it and so are the group of guys I play golf with. I would recommend it if you are putting together an event or just a foursome with your buds.


First Class Customer Support

mike80801311 - Jan 25, 2023 - United States

I downloaded a few golf apps to organize an annual golf trip. The app is very versatile and is aesthetically more appealing than a lot of the other golf apps. The customer support I received while setting up my first tournament was first class. The support team answered all my questions extremely quick and I was able to do everything I wanted.


Verification email never arrived

nicomassousa - Jan 15, 2023 - United States

Not in spam, tried various attempts. Broken.


Perfect Golf Trip App

haydos2011 - Jan 10, 2023 - Australia

This is great. Great communication from the Golfify team. Perfect for that trip away or doing live leaderboards at your home club.


Perfect for Large Events

Oisin Loftus - Oct 24, 2022 -

We used the app for a recent charity event where we had almost 100 players. We went with a full scramble, 4-person teams. Golfify worked perfectly on the day, as it had for all the prep beforehand. The competitors loved the real-time scoreboard, which added to the excitement of the event. Will use the app for our wider golf society too, as it worked so well. Fantastic support from James in the Golfify team - always available with an answer or advice. The app was well worth the money!


Game changer!

SFR25 - Oct 21, 2022 - United Kingdom

The best app. Easy to use and takes any golf event, society to whole new dimension!! Cannot fault the app support either, emailed James a few times and replied within 24hrs with a solution and help. Cannot recommend highly enough.


Easy to use, excellent dev support, great fun for team events

Google Play user - Oct 6, 2022 -

Easy to use, excellent dev support, great fun for team events


Superb for golf society weekends

John Bruce - Sept 23, 2022 - United Kingdom

I organised a golf society weekend and we used Golfify to create a Ryder Cup style team event alongside an individual Stableford competition. The App was superb and really added to the whole experience of the weekend. All groups were checking the live scoring after every hole. James was also extremely helpful before the event in terms of taking me through how to get the best out of the app. Couldn't recommend it enough if you're organising any type of golf tournament or weekend.


Awesome app

airpenny3 - Sep 18, 2022 - United States

Golfify is awesome for our golf team. We have 21 members and 12~16 members play. Golfify increases member’s interest and improves the sound competitiveness of each member. I definitely give 5 stars to this.


Tremendous App

FreddyFest - Sep 9, 2022 - United States

I had researched many scoring apps before deciding to use Golfify, and I am so glad I chose this one. For starters, James was incredibly helpful in answering all of my questions, and even had three different calls with me. He was also open to any suggestions I had that would accommodate our needs. The app itself worked flawlessly for our 36 hole stroke play event, and brought our annual golf trip to a new level. I can’t wait to try the team match play function next year. Well done James. Well done.


Great app, very responsive, updates super fast, easy to use

Walter McCoy - Aug 30, 2022 -

Great app, very responsive, updates super fast, easy to use.


Easy to use and great set of features

Brad Parker - Aug 3, 2022 -

Easy to use and great set of features.


Gamechanger for junior golfers

jimmybronco81 - Jul 27, 2022 - Australia

I am a golf professional in Queensland, Australia and I run weekly junior tournaments for my juniors. The Golfify app is a gamechanger for me with no more scorecards and the live scoring adds a huge element of excitement for the kids as they can check their position on the leaderboard each hole. At the completion of the tournament, I have my iPad set up on the practice green and the kids gather with excitement looking at the digital scoreboard. They feel like they are playing in a professional tournament. The customer service is great and they will bend over backwards to give you the best experience possible. I love this app and it has added greatly to our junior golfing experience.


Customer service

golffella1 - May 9, 2022 - United States

Support worked with me and resolved my issues. Nice to find a company that actually listens to their customers' concerns.


Customer Service! Would give it 10 stars!

Crowl.A - Apr 19, 2022 - United States

James who owns/operates Golfify goes above and beyond to make sure his app meets your needs. I had multiple Google meets where James helped me learn the app, he even made updates to include some of the features I was looking for. The app is nicely done, very modern and easy to use. Packed with features!



Joseph Hornsby - Mar 14, 2022 - United Kingdom



Great Tournament Scoring App.

Billbal1 - Feb 27, 2022 - United States

Used this app for the first time last week for my golfing group of 16. Great app and easy to use. Set up your groups and you can see everyone’s score at any point in time during the round. Inputting a score for a golfer is updated almost instantaneously for everyone using the app. One of the best tournament scoring apps I have used.


Best scoring app out there

golfdownunder - Jan 13, 2022 - Australia

Amazing app, perfect for competitions or just scoring yourself. Highly recommend.


Best scoring app by a long way

KarenKrabber - Nov 13, 2021 - United Kingdom

I’ve tried a lot of golf apps. This has the best user experience. Easy to create a game and enter scores. Thanks.



nearocharacter - Nov 4, 2021 - United Kingdom

Great app. A game-changing app for golfers around the world.


Works as advertised with great support

Sebastien B - Sept 20, 2021 -

Worked exactly as advertised. Simple, easy to use, and instant results. I have to mention the great support provided by the developer. I will be using it again for sure.


Great app

jamesmoss - Aug 29, 2021 - United Kingdom

Great app, real-time leaderboard is such a great feature!


Love this app!

Monkeymily - Aug 27, 2021 - United Kingdom

Really good way to score a golf round, really easy to use.


Clean and simple, adds entertainment

Mike Holford - Aug 3, 2021 -

Clean and simple. Just what you want. The app adds another level of entertainment especially for society days or with big groups. Love the live leaderboard, gamification aspects and clean design 👌