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Effortless Golf Trip Management with Golfify

Make your next golf trip the best yet.

Organising a golf trip can be stressful. While we can't help you book flights and hotels, we can guarantee the best golf experience in an app. Golfify focuses on transforming your golfing experience itself. Our app offers clean, intuitive tournament management, making it a breeze to orchestrate multi-round events and customize your golf outing to absolute perfection. Discover our features below and give your players a trip they will never forget.

Organise Your Players Using Golfify Groups

Golfify Groups streamlines your admin by offering a dedicated space to manage your regular players. Organize effortlessly with single-tap invites and simple player additions to events, keeping everyone in the loop and ready to hit the fairways.

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Worldwide Fairways, Play Anywhere

Discover your perfect green with our extensive catalogue of over 40,000 courses worldwide. Can't find your course? Let us know, and we'll swiftly add it.

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Customizable Formats at the touch of a finger

Golfify elevates your game by offering an array of formats— Stableford, Stroke Play, Match Play, Skins, Better Ball, Alternate Shot, and the option to fully customize your game with more formats. Play your way, every day, with versatility at your fingertips.

Slide depicting - Customizable Formats at the touch of a finger

Multi Round Events - Not Just a Golf Trip, a Tournament Experience

Dive into the heart of competition with Golfify's multi-round event capabilities. Designed to cater to golf trips, our platform supports up to 40 rounds, allowing you to seamlessly integrate every match of your adventure. Every swing, every round, and every competitive moment is meticulously recorded and effortlessly accessible, ensuring your golf trip is not just a series of games, but a fully immersive tournament experience.

Slide depicting - Multi Round Events - Not Just a Golf Trip, a Tournament Experience

Rivalry Redefined, Ryder Cup Ready

Golfify transforms your Matchplay event into a spectacle with customizable Ryder Cup-style flair. Design your event with team logos, colors, and more, all with an easy setup process. Experience the pinnacle of team rivalry, tailored to your vision.

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Lightening Fast Cloud Scoring

Backed by Google Cloud Infrastructure, input scores and watch the leaderboard and statistics update instantly, wherever you are in the world.

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Your Round History & Stats in One Place

All your Golfify rounds will be saved so you have all your golf history in one place.

Slide depicting - Your Round History & Stats in One Place

GHIN Integration (Coming Soon).

Update and retrieve your official Golf Handicap Index from the USGA's Golf Handicap & Information Network®.

Slide depicting - GHIN Integration (Coming Soon).

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