Golfify Roadmap 1.0

Golfify Roadmap 1.0

A look ahead to product features in development.

July 2, 2021

I started work on the current version of Golfify in March 2020, fair to say it has taken a while to get the app to a stage where it can be released to the public. Golf is perhaps one of the most complicated games to write an app for. Competitions can contain all kinds of variables and radically different scoring formats. As a result, Golfify 1.0 is fairly limited in that it only supports two individual scoring formats, but rest assured, we have already done a lot of the hard work to enable Golfify to support more features.

Here is a glimpse of what lies ahead for the app:

Immediate Future

  • Matchplay scoring format.
  • Buddy System: We often have a group of people who we trust and play regularly with, the buddy system will enable your buddies to add you to competitions and vice versa.
  • More statistics for competitions.
  • Competition Feed: A live chat for the whole competition with customisable automatic scoring alerts keeping the whole field engaged. Update: Comp Feeds are now live!

Short Term

  • Team play: Enabling players to play as pairs, threes and even fours is essential to any golf app worth its salt. Including both better ball and alternate shot formats.
  • Groups: A dedicated space for your golfing friends. Organize competitions and discuss with members.

We have a few secret features we are working on for the longer term too. Watch this space.

As always, get in touch at with any suggestions. We would love to hear from you.

Happy golfing.