• One App,

    All Your Rounds.

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    It all starts with the competition

    Golfify makes creating golf competitions easy. Whether playing alone or a 400 person tournament. Simply create a new competition in seconds and choose from a range of custom options and game modes. 

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    Your phone is your scorecard

    Golfify turns everyone's device into an intelligent realtime scorecard. No more calculating team points off the top of your head. Enter your full groups score in seconds and watch the leaderboard adjust instantly. 

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    Realtime Everything

    With Golfify you don't need to wait until you have finished the round to find out how you are doing.  Need a birdie on the a last to win? With Golfify you know the score. 

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    Interact with other competitors

    Every competition has a live chat with optional automatic alerts to let you know if someone made a great play.  

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    Gather the troops

    Golfify enables you to create groups for all your golf friends. Arrange competitions and let the bragging wars commence.